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Chadwick Walenga from White Cloud, MI: We ordered the Liberati’s Special for take-out. When we arrived home, the aroma from the pizza made the house smell like walking into Vitale’s on Leonard ~ or Bono’s on Plainfield down in GR. Aesthetically, we noted the diversity of color ~ it was pleasing. On first bite ~ we noticed that there were several layers of toppings that we had to bite through before we got to the crust. We attribute this to the freshness of the toppings and how balanced the pizza was cooked through. There is a variation of texture in each bite. One particular bit, for example ~ a piece of ham took center stage, and that bite became about how the other flavors danced around the ham. The sauce is sweet and lite and provided the perfect chaser for the topping / crust substance. It felt like everything was straight out of the garden. The crust provided the perfect foundation for keeping it all together ~ thus allowing us to eat a piece more than we normally would because our belly is not full of a ‘gut bomb’ crust. All of this, and the fact the recipes for these pizzas have been passed down through the Liberati family for generations ~ it is a unique kind of ohona.

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